Keywords: graphic design, visual design, branding

Team: Emily O’Neal, Elizabeth Nguyen

Role: Creative Director

Logo Design

Logo design

Logo design


StanfordXR is Stanford’s student-run virtual and augmented reality community. Going into the 2019/2020 school year the club decided to rebrand itself from the whimsical “Rabbit Hole VR” to “StanfordXR.” Without losing the quirky character of the original name, we wanted to push the club into the future of the mixed reality industry and wanted to include the credibility of Stanford as part of our identity. The final logo design includes a sleek, simple rabbit wearing a headset that borrowed the purple color scheme from Rabbit Hole’s branding.


Event Branding and Marketing


As Creative Director of the club, I am in charge of the club’s entire visual identity, which includes the branding for the annual Stanford Immersive Media Conference (SIMCON). The club’s goal with hosting a conference is to increase exposure, awareness and involvement in VR/AR at Stanford and the Bay Area. The 2019 event was themed “Reaching Beyond Reality” and focused on exploring and pushing the conceptual, computational, sensory and artistic boundaries of XR media. I wanted the visuals to similarly challenge traditional notions of 2D and 3D space and illustrate of a collision of the present and future.

The conference featured industry guests from Google, Facebook and Microsoft and had over 500 attendees.


Web Design